A Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Review

A Bluetooth Wireless KeyboardThese days keyboards are so common in our daily life because the majority of electronic devices need some sort of keyboard input. Our smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, games consoles and more. In many cases, keyboards are built in as with laptops, or are virtual as with tablets. In other cases, a separate, physical keyboard is required. In modern life we prefer those items that make our life simple and convenient with no hassle. I guess that’s why a wireless keyboard has become a popular choice for many applications that require a long time at the keyboard, or where it would be a nuisance to keep going over to a keyboard. No one wants a keyboard cable trailing to their home entertainment system, especially a game-addicted, couch potato like me.

Recently I got an Inateck gadget wireless BK1003E Bluetooth keyboard. It is a simple device with a slim and stylish design and strong metal construction. It is suitable for all the situations I mentioned above as it works with a vast range of devices from Android, iOS, Windows and many others where a wireless keyboard is desirable.

The Best Home Theater Projectors

Optoma ML1000P WXGAIf you are going to buy a projector to watch movies, work with your computer or cellphone and play computer games, you are in the right place. In this blog, I am going to review the best video projectors of all types that you can find in the market. However, if you are aiming to buy a good quality projector like BENQ , SONY, SAMSUNG, EPSON or ACER you are going to spend at least 400 dollar for the cheapest ones, but here I will review some of the best home video projectors in various range prices. Plus, I will review some infamous projector brands ranging form 40-150 dollars for those who are looking for a cheap and average quality projectors. Of course, I did not forget portable, pocket-sized and micro projectors which are my favorite ones.

Top Rated Home Theater Projectors

Wanna spend more than 1500 $ for a high quality projector? Then, I have some suggestions for you!!

1- Optoma ML1000P WXGA :

It is 3D-Ready Mobile Projector with 1000 LED lumens and perfect for those who travel a lot. It is

NYC Computer Repair Experts Tips To Recover Lost Data

Recover Lost DataIn this era of technological advancement, it is hard to think our lives without computers. We use it extensively to store a wealth of data – from videos and photographs to presentations and reports. Now, losing any of these essential files can be a major problem. And, it can happen any time due to a number of factors, like if a specific program overloads the PC, virus attack or if you have mistakenly deleted your file. If your operating system gets crashed, it may also lead to major information loss.

Now, it is always not possible to get in touch with a NYC computer repair expert who can offer you exact solutions. So, to help you out we have provided some effective guidelines in this article to troubleshoot the issue efficiently.

Install the Recovery Toolkit

According to NYC data recovery experts, it is best to install recovery tools on your system before losing the files. You will get a number of free functional tools that are worth installing. They will be quite effective if anything goes wrong with the files saved in your device. Some of the major freeware data recovery programs are

Explaining Computer Hardware

Computer HardwareWhat do you think when you hear the words “computer hardware”?

Most people would probably respond with “that’s too difficult to learn” or “I should leave that up to the experts.” Luckily, understanding computer hardware is not that difficult, and this article will be breaking down the basics of what you need to know for your general computer hardware knowledge and understanding. So what comes first in explaining computer hardware?

First comes our computer case. This is what will house and store all of our other components, and provide the wiring from our motherboard to the power switch on the case, allowing us to power on and run electricity through the entire system. Next we have our motherboard, this is like the brain of the computer. It attaches to the back plate of the computer case with just a few screws, and all other components will connect to the motherboard, which will then tell those hardware components how they should operate and function. After the motherboard comes the CPU, or central processing unit. This would be the actual mind of the computer. The CPU is a small

Facts On How A Pc Microphone Functions

Pc Microphone FunctionsA PC microphone is quite similar to a normal ordinary microphone which is ideally used while you are indulged in stage speaking. The only difference in both microphones is that the ones used for public speaking are much more powerful in terms of reception and speech while those that are used in computers are less powerful in these aspects. Nonetheless, the overall functionality of both microphones is ideally the same.

A microphone is ideally meant to amplify your voice and hence, it should ideally contain an in built amplifier. So, the basic functionality of a microphone is to amplify the voice which is being fed into its system. Whenever you speak to the microphone which in turn is attached to your PC, then you would need to understand that your voice is first fed into the microphone and then transferred via the wires to the sound card.

The audio procession with regards to the microphone attached to your PC is done by the sound card which is attached to your PC. The only visible difference between the microphone

What Computer Hardware Is A Motherboard

MotherboardYou may have the necessary critical components to have a functioning system: CPU, RAM, PSU, HDD/SSD. But, where does it all connect? What conjoins everything so that it may function as one? The Motherboard.

The Motherboard acts as the roadways of information in between the towns of essentials. The circuitries are the highways and the capacitors are the gas stations.

At first peak, a Motherboard has many different slots and components soldered and integrated into it, and this may seem quite intimidating at first glance, but for the most part, it is mainly a pretty simple manner and every portion of this board has a major function.

What Is This? Each Motherboard has a different location on where to place its components, but essentially, they all coordinate in the same manner.

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) slot is generally a square socket with many pin holes in it located near the end of one side of the motherboard. This is where the CPU and Heat sink goes. The CPU is the brainpower and the heat sink is placed on top of it to draw heat away

How To Build Your Own Gaming Computer In 5 Days

How To Build Your Own Gaming Computer In 5 DaysI would like to share a talent of mine to help someone out there who can’t afford for someone to build a Gaming Computer for themselves! Now, This computer doesn’t have to be a “gaming computer” but a high end computer, a video editing computer, or the family computer.

Ok. Let’s determine how much money you want to spend. For this illustration, we’ll do it on about $500. The lower you go, obviously the less performance, but $500 is fair enough, and you’ll still get a good computer.

Parts: Prices as of August 2013

  • You will need an OS, or, in computer terminology: an Operating System. Let’s go with Windows 7 or 8 Home Premium. Because this OS is usually pretty good priced when purchased singly, you can go to Tiger Direct, Newegg, or some other discount retailer. Price=$91 at Amazon.
  • Then, you will need your Case. A case will hold all of your parts, and protect them. Let’s go with Cooler Master HAF at Newegg $60. Sometimes you can purchase

Is Cloud Computing Here To Stay

Cloud ComputingWhile fans of cloud computing believe that this model is here to stay, rivals claim the opposite. If you look at it factually, you will agree that this ever-evolving business model with its many benefits is here to stay. Let’s consider the following facts collected through a survey:

• 82 percent of companies, in their last cloud adoption project, saved substantial money

• More than a year ago, 65 percent of companies chose cloud-based solutions

• More than 90 percent of all companies using cloud services claim at least one improvement in their IT department

Considering these facts, it is quite reasonable to predict that the future for the cloud is bright. Businesses see cloud as a step forward in the way operations are run. Many people who are concerned for the security feature on the cloud, can also be satisfied because as the cloud is evolving so is the protection. There are many cloud application risk assessment and cloud application auditing tools available by independent providers who help keep the system secure. What makes the cloud attractive and why is it here to stay?

Logo USB Defined By USB Promos

Logo USB Defined By USB PromosFlash drives come in a large variety of designs and functions; perhaps the most utilized function being logo USB drives. The name is derived from taking a flash drive and customizing it by way of branding.

A logo USB consists of a flash drive with a logo branded on to it. That is the simplified version. The complicated version involves all of of the choices you get when creating one. These customized USBs are produced by promotional companies. That being said, there are hundreds of variations in order to create a unique look for you. USB drives come in different materials and styles including:


Plastic models are made from ABS plastic. It is a durable and malleable material. These type of flash drives are great for two reasons; they are cheap to buy in bulk and very customizable.


Metal models are made from either anodized aluminum or chromed steel. They are the most durable. Metal flash drives tend to cost more because of the materials and shipping weight. However, if

How To Get Back Lost Documents Instantly

How To Get Back Lost Documents InstantlyAdvanced technological devices are being used by the people in performing works effectively. Using high end devices in performing projects helps to complete work effectively. There are numerous devices that are being used nicely to perform work effectively. Numerous advanced devices are being used by people in daily activities. But, it is essential for the users to maintain the device during to avoid problems in works. A slight problem in device creates problems for the professionals in performing works effectively. It is essential to hire high end technicians in maintain the devices to deliver good performance always. Otherwise, the users would face numerous problems in daily activities in performing works. Certified technicians are essential in resolving the issues in device quickly. Computers are a great platform of performing works effectively in offices around the world. This is why devices are being bought and used around the world. But, every electronic device gets problems in a certain period of time and repairing. Let us look at the process of maintaining device perfectly working for long time.

Macbook is a great device with special features

Tips To Resolves Computer Devices Problems Quickly

mac screenHigh end technologies are being used in performing works perfectly and according to global standard. Using advanced technologies enable the companies to grow and perform complicated works easily. Among the numerous technological device, computer has become the favorite device for the companies around the world. The computing device has amazing potential to perform numerous works at a higher speed than hundred manual workers. Further, the roles of the device have increased tremendously in the market with the growth in capacities. The device has been made in different forms according to the need to of the professionals. All the offices around the world are being computerized to perform the work effectively. The candidates looking for job in office should acquire computer skills to get job in industry. This is why professionals are buying computer from the market to learn the skills of operating and performing works. Let us look at the problems face by the professionals while using the device in office.

Computer was first invented to compute the population of a country. But, within few hundred years the device has become the prime source of performing works in

Tips To Repair Computers From Glitches

Tips To Repair Computers From GlitchesNo matter how advanced computer may be, it is bound to get some problems during use. Even a slight glitch in device creates lots of problems and need to be resolved immediately. This is because the computer is a highly important device and useful in performing numerous works effectively at office. The device is getting advanced and suitable to perform with addition of new features and applications. Though, device is getting more robust with addition of latest hardware and software but still need maintenance to get high end performance every time. Offices are using computer for performing work effectively and according to global standard. Candidates need to have lots of skills to get job in industry as ever work is performed through computer. People are buying computer and learning to get job in industry. But, it is essential to maintain device from getting damaged with help of certified technicians. Let us look at the procedures of resolving the problems of device to high end performance always.

Computer is the most important device ever invented by the scientists since the beginning of civilization. The device

Positive Side Of Undertaking Computer Recycling

computer recyclingDifferent businesses have so many outdated computers that are not needed anymore. Many of them decide to actually sell them by placing it on the web market for rapid purchase. While one the second hand when nobody would want to buy them or in case they are damaged then it can be important to locate one option course of the action. Therefore it is very essential to consider hiring companies of computer recycling company. You are going to find so many advantages as being derived from such services that includes:

Restoring the worthwhile elements: although the outdated computers are very ineffective and inefficient but recycling the personal computer can be beneficial. Selection to actually recycle personal computers offers very helpful way of avoiding the priceless elements which end up in the landfills. The usable regions can be salvaged, supplying the means of actually reusing or may be restoring it. Moreover PC would be then fixed and donated to a charity or resold.

Preserving setting: the computers are being categorized as a harmful family squander. At last different devices then finish up in the landfills with the batteries

Top Tips To Finding The Best Cheap Printers

Best Cheap PrintersAll over the world people use computers, they’re everywhere from businesses to schools but with these computers you need to be able to take off the information that you have up on the screen and that is where printers come in.

Type of printer

The first thing you should do when looking for a printer is to look for the type of printer that you want to buy, do you want a laser or an ink jet? As a rule ink jets produce longer lasting pictures and documents, laser printers are quicker so should be used when you need to print off something as fast as possible.

Printer model

Once you have established this, then you should begin to look at what kind of model of printer you wish to buy. There are as many kinds as there are computers so look carefully, a number of printers I would recommend are; the Samsung ML-1675 laser printer, Epson Stylus SX425W inkjet and the Brother Multifunction printer as these are three very good affordable printers that should fit whatever you are trying to buy.


Portable And User Friendly Smart Charger

EasyAcc portable power bankMost of us have had times when we’ve needed to make a phone call only to find our mobile phone is just about to die. Similarly, if you rely on your iPad to keep you entertained on the train home, you’ll know how frustrating it is to find it has very little juice left to sustain you to your last stop.

That’s why we’ve decided to kick off the New Year with an auction for this EasyAcc portable power bank. It might be small but it certainly packs some power, as you’ll see. According to the details it measures a weeny 13.3cm by 7.1cm and is just 1.6cm thick, so you won’t struggle to find room for it in your bag. We’re offering you the chance to bid on this item to see if you can snag the lowest unique bid for it to secure a win. At just 19p per bid surely it’s worth a try.

What does the EasyAcc portable power bank have to offer?

How about the ability to fully charge an iPhone

Outdoor Projectors

Outdoor TV projectorOutdoor projector simply put is a multimedia projector that can be used outside. This can be an outdoor TV projector, outdoor movie projectors or DVD projectors outdoor movies. In fact any projector under the right conditions can be taken outside. Interactive projector can replace the laptop during presentations.

There are various mix of multimedia functionality in these video projectors. There are some with DVD Player + TV + HDMI or all in one and others with individually inbuilt functionalities

Outdoor TV projector

TV projector has inbuilt TV tuner features which enables users to access TV channels find views them on the projector screen. This projector can replace the TV and the viewing on it is like watching a movie.

Sizes of TV projectors vary from very light small pocket potables to large home theatre projectors. The advantage of TV projector is better image quality that means big images with clearer details. The pocket sized multimedia projectors have rechargeable batteries.

Outdoor movie projectors

Movie/film projectors projects succeeding frames from a roll of film to generate moving images. The projector can advance individual roll

Future Of Computer Repair

Future Of Computer RepairIn this article, I will explore some future repair possibilities of computers, laptops, PC and other electronic processing devices like hard drives, Raids etc.

Computer repair is a process of bring back a dead computer and laptop to life. Computer repair includes software repair, hardware repair and data recovery. As we know, computers and laptops consist of many parts. These parts include hard drive, RAM, logic board, power supply, speaker, network card, modem and DVD drive. All these parts are replaceable. These parts are important factors in computer repair. Computer and laptop repair is very common these days. There are millions and millions of computers in consumer market at the moment. There is always some kind of use for computers and laptops. Some people use them for storing data, other use them for browsing. Student use them for studies, scientists use them for research and processing. They have use in all areas like media, automobile, offices and all kinds of businesses. More use means more computers with problems. It’s simple if there are computers everywhere, they will need repair when there is a problem.


Best Portable Small Powerbank On The Market

Anker 2nd Gen Astro MinAll of us want a very handy very portable and best power bank to carry in our pockets so that we can charge our smart phones on the go. We have brought to you a perfect list of power sticks here which are almost lipstick sized power banks . This is the list of most compact , slim, handy, portable and best power banks. And last but not least these are very cheap in price like you can buy them for less than 10 dollar. What are you waiting guys just pick the one you like and buy it hurry !

Anker 2nd Gen Astro Mini:

Anker is well known brand in power banks onpine. The Anker Astro mini is the best in class lipstick sized power bank one can have. This power bank is Slim and solid look, small in size and can fit into pocket too. The anker astro mini has capacity of 3200 mAh which can charge your smart phone at least for one full cycle. We recommend this bank for its size,

How To Choose A Hard Disk

How To Choose A Hard DiskThere are several reasons to change a hard disk, from you wanting to do it for capacity reasons to having to change it because it is lost for the eternity. There are some factors you have to take into account, we will review them.

Laptop or desktop

First, you have to check if you need it for a laptop or a desktop. Laptops have smaller hard disks due to space, usually in 2.5 inches size but this doesn’t mean they have to be less powerful but this does mean they are a little more expensive. Also, laptop hard disks are smaller in height around 10 mm.

For desktops, size is bigger (3.5 inches) but this also carries less expensive performance. You have to consider your case size, if you have a big case (like 4 slots for DVDs) then you have no space constraints but if you have a very compact case you may want to take a look at smaller height disks. Newer hard disks are already smaller in height.


This is a criterion most of people don’t

How Much RAM Do You Really Need

RAMI recently upgraded my PC and found myself asking the question, “How much RAM do I really need?” Research on this subject for 25 minutes or show told me that the consensus from the gaming community is, “You really won’t use more than 4 GB.”

Well, I have been running with 4 GB in my office PC for 5 years now and over the previous 4 or 5 months I found myself managing memory because I kept running out of it!

Can you guess what was using up all of my memory? I didn’t guess until I started doing some monitoring and I was surprised to find that it was my internet browsing habits. I use chrome and being a successful IT Professional requires that I research. Good research requires cross referencing. How better to cross reference then to switch between browser windows or tabs? I could navigate from one site to another and then back again but that takes too much time.

I’m writing this article now in the middle of my work day with the purpose of seeing what I had open on a normal